The Audio Bible:
God's Word Has a Voice

An audio Bible is a powerful tool that can help you understand and experience God's Word. For example, by simply closing your eyes and listening to the Bible being read to you, you can form a mental image of what you are hearing; thus, you are able to interact with the Bible.

There are so many productions of the Bible available in audio, especially online. Almost every popular Bible translation has an accompanying audio recording. So, you are almost guaranteed to find "the right one."

There are two different ways you can shop for an audio Bible: either Choose a Version, or decide which Method of Listening you prefer.

Choose a Version

Each version, or translation, of the Bible offers a unique perspective on the content of God's written Word. You can shop for your favorite version, or choose a new one to get a fresh perspective of God's Word.

Methods of Listening

Where do you plan on listening to God's Word: on your computer, at the job site, in the car, or elsewhere? Answering this question takes you one step closer to choosing that "perfect" Bible in audio.

If you like listening to the Bible, you might also like to listen to Bible stories on your computer. Click here to learn about dramatized bible stories in audio.

With all the technologies available today, it's amazing how easy it is to listen to the Bible anywhere, at any time. God's Word has a voice; do you hear it?


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