If You're Struggling to Memorize Bible Passages, Then You Can't Afford To Ignore These...

3 Simple Steps To Turbo-Charging
Your Bible Memory Skills
And Memorizing More Scripture
Than You Have In Your Entire Life

Discover How You Can Store Away Large Amounts
Of Scripture In Your Brain, And Recall It Instantly,
Even Months Or Years Later.

Welcome to the Bible Memory Guide, a mini e-course I've put together to help anyone, expert or novice, to become a better Bible memory student. This guide is designed to motivate and teach you how to memorize the Bible with confidence and joy.

I used to think that I could never memorize more than a few Bible verses here and there, let alone an entire chapter. Then I began to understand more of how God planned for me to experience His written Word... by memorizing it.

I realized that I actually was able to memorize entire chapters of the Bible. After I did one, I did another, and then another. It's like a good book you can't put down (it actually is!).

It has become a passion of mine to memorize the Bible, and I would like to share some of that passion with you now, in this Bible Memory Guide. This course is divided into three brief sections:

So let's get started! First things first, lesson 1...

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Disclaimer: God made everyone unique. We do not all learn in exactly the same way. In the Bible Memory Guide, I teach you the techniques that work for me. They are not theory or speculation; they are techniques that I personally use, and they work for me. Since each person learns slightly differently, you may have to make adjustments along the way to suite your learning style. The best advice I can give you is this: as you seek to memorize God's Word, listen to God's voice (the Holy Spirit). If you listen and obey him, he will teach you the methods that work best for you.


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