The Bible on DVD

What if you could see and hear the Word of God rather than just read it? Well, the Bible on DVD allows you to do just that. Watching God's Word lets you experience the Bible in a new and captivating way.


Why Watch the Bible?

After watching God's Word on DVD, reading it has so much more meaning. Your understanding of God's Word will increase even more as you see, hear, and read it.

William Atkinson says in his book Memory - How to Develop, Train, and Use It, "An impression received through both sound and sight is doubly as strong as one received through but one of these channels" (p. 132).

In other words, seeing and hearing the Bible helps you to remember the Bible more than if you just read it. After all, what is the ultimate goal of experiencing the Bible? It is to remember His Word so you can live it out. Watching God's Word on DVD will help you remember it... and then you can 'live it out'.

Deciding to get the Bible on DVD is the just the first step. The next step is to decide which one to get.


Types of the Bible on DVD

I've observed that there are four general "types" of productions of the visual Bible. I call them...

The "text with narration" form of is a helpful supplement to simply reading the paper Bible. On the screen, some text from the Bible is shown, as the narrator reads along. It's nice, because you don't have to follow along on paper, since the text is on the screen.

WatchWord Productions has produced what I think to be the best production of the "text with narration" form of the New Testament on DVD.

Click here to find out more about the WatchWord Bible.

I wish WatchWord offered the entire Bible, but they only have the New Testament on DVD at this point. Recently, I wanted to watch the entire Bible, so I bought the "Complete Bible on DVD."

Click here to learn more about the Complete Bible on DVD.

The "word-for-word dramatic presentation" of the Bible is truly amazing. When you watch one of these productions, it feels like you're watching a regular movie - and you are, except that you are hearing the exact words of the Bible.

There are three books of the Bible available in this word-for-word dramatic form:


"Bible-based drama" is a powerful tool that can help you understand many events recorded in God's Word. These movies portray important events and characters of the Bible. Although not word-for-word, the stories of these movies are based on Biblical events, such as the story of Moses, of Esther, of Jacob, and more.

There are many Bible-based dramas available - too many to list here. But there are a few worth noting...

No matter which type of the Bible on DVD you choose, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well you can remember God's Word when you see it and hear it, instead of just reading it.


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