Bible Software

"Where's that verse that says ...?"

Let Bible software help you answer that question. Finding a keyword, or navigating to a passage is quick and easy.

Bible software is hepful when you do not have access to an internet connection, and it also has the benefit of offering a wide range of study tools in one location.

With the emergence of numerous Bible study tools online, it is now possible to do most (if not all) of your Biblical research and studies on the web. Websites such as,,, and numerous others, offer commentaries, cross-reference, parallel version comparison, and many other such study aides.

However, Bible software still holds its place, since it is available without the internet, and is slightly faster to use than a website.

To learn about the software relevant to you, first choose your platform or device below. Then I'll show you which Bible programs are available for that platform.


More and more people are switching over to Mac. Some still haven't switched over because they think that there aren't enough programs available for Macs. But that is not true anymore, at least for Bible programs.

If you've got an Apple Mac, you'll be glad to know that there is plenty of Bible software available for your Mac.


There are many Bible programs available for Windows PCs. Finding and choosing which program you want might be the hardest part. There are a few Bible programs I would recommend that you look at before you buy anything.

Mobile Devices

From the iPad to the Kindel to the average smartphone, there are plenty of ways to keep the Word of God nearby wherever you find yourself. Check out a few Bible apps that are available for mobile devices.

Bible software allows you to do more than just find Bible verses quickly. It also helps you as you study God's Word. So, software is a tool, but you need more than just a tool. You need an anointing from the Spirit of God in order to understand and apply God's Word...

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