Biblical Coloring Pages
For Children

Most children love drawing or coloring, so giving your children Biblical coloring pages can help them to learn and remember Biblical stories, and have fun at the same time.

Individual Pages

There are plenty of websites that offer printable Biblical coloring pages. You can print out however many pages you need (for example, maybe one for each child), and you can choose specific stories of the Bible. You can also use coloring pages in Sunday School to help reinforce the lesson.

Online printable scripture coloring pages are generally organized by character or by story. For example, there are coloring pages relating to the story of creation, moses and the burning bush, the apostles, and Jesus, just to name a few.

Biblical Coloring Books

Children may also enjoy having their very own Biblical coloring book. These make great gifts for grandchildren, or as prizes in Sunday School.

Shirley Dobson produced a really neat "Bible Coloring Book" that features stories from Genesis to Revelation.

Christian Coloring Pages

Another great way to encourage your child's interest in coloring is to print out coloring pages about Christian topics (kindness, giving thanks, etc.). Or, if your child is a VeggieTales fan, print out a coloring page of their favorite VeggieTales character for them to color.

Whether you decide to print them from a website or buy them in a book, giving your children some Biblical coloring pages will help them stay grounded in the Word of God. It will also help them associate learning about God with having fun.


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