Spread God's Word
With Scripture Products

Creatively designed Scripture products can have a positive impact, not only on you, but also on those who see them and read their message from the Bible.

A Scripture product, which can also be called a "Bible verse product," is a t-shirt, mousepad, mug, poster, calendar, or anything else that has Bible Scripture printed on it.

The concept behind Bible verse products is to continue using the types of things you normally use (shirts, mousepads, stickers, etc.), except to "switch over" to products that have God's Word printed on them. In doing so, you are transforming your day-to-day items into carriers of the message of the Bible.

Here are four verses that speak of God's Word spreading...

That happened about 2,000 years ago, and it can still happen today. How? One way is by using Bible verse products to spread God's Word, the Bible. Which items that you regularly use could be transformed into carriers of the message of Jesus Christ?

Below are some types of products that can have Bible verses printed on them. Click on a title to see a corresponding collection of Bible verse products.

Scripture T-Shirts

Many people use t-shirts to convey a message. For example, many businesses use shirts to promote their name, and some music groups use shirts to promote their music. In the same way, disciples of Jesus can use t-shirts to promote the message of Jesus Christ.

Scripture Posters

Posters display a person's identity. For example, one person may choose to put animal posters on every wall in their room to express their appreciation for animals. Another person may love music, and may choose to display posters of their favorite music group. Likewise, we as follower of Jesus can display posters with Bible verses to express our devotion to God.

Scripture Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers carry messages, too. Some bumper stickers encourage people to elect a certain person, or to think a certain way, or to do a certain thing. In the same way, Scripture bumper stickers can encourage people to think about Jesus, because Bible Scripture naturally "points" to God.


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